The Brumby Award, can only be won by Australian Independent Artists performing Australian Traditional Style Country, Bush Ballads or Classic Country Music.

An Artist can only win one Award at each festival, except when they win the Best Country Music Album of the Year as well as a section award.

All winning artist, except for The Best Collaboration of the Year, where only one of the collaborating artists is required to attend, MUST attend and perform at the Winners Concert. If a winning artist is unable to attend (except for emergencies) then the award will go to the next artist with the next highest number of points in that section.

All winning Artists at the winners concert are to perform their winning entry and two other songs or instrumentals.

Judgeing is carried out by Country Music DJ's from around the world, who know the Australian style of Traditional Country, Bush Ballads and Classic Country Music.

The judges results are final and no descussions will be entered into re their results, no judges names or location will be made public.
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The AICM Brumby Awards is non profit and as such relies on Sponsorship, Donations and membership, those interested in Sponsorship may contact me on  0419449882,  email me at or Post Office Box 12 Quirindi, NSW 2343.
No Artist, SongWriter or Recording Studio may directly sponsor or donate to the awards, this is to remove any thought of impropriety in anyway.

Membership forms can be obtained on this site under Brumby Awards Categories & Forms, the cost of membership is ten ($10) per year and is valid for 12 months. 

Artists, SongWriters and Recording Studios are encouraged to become members at
no cost, however free membership is open only to those who fit the Traditional Style Country, Bush Ballad and Classic Country genre.
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